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Realization strikes!

2008-07-16 20:12:00 by Arcsynth

I know some of you will be disappointed, but I feel like this is the best thing to do. I realize that my trance is really the only thing I have going for me... and as much as I would like to produce something of another genre, I always hit a brick wall, every time in-studio. I've tried countless times but the only thing I can really work on is trance...

Now, I have been able to produce different styles of trance, like Melodic, Goa, Ambient, Hard, Electro, etc. I hope you guys understand, and if you don't like trance, just remember I can (attempt to <.<) do it in completely different styles! Thanks everyone for listening ^.^


2008-01-09 22:01:28 by Arcsynth

...suck. I am hearing more and more songs in the top 25 that use presets, it seems. Really, it's a cheap and unfair way of gaining ranks, in my opinion. I wish something could be done about this, but what is there to do? Nothing, really.

I'm not going to zero-bomb people using presets, but sometimes... I feel like it. :/

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2007-11-08 09:09:14 by Arcsynth


2007-08-14 20:35:07 by Arcsynth

I decided to create a newgrounds account. I plan on uploading music here that isn't present at my current site, here, but also uploading everything that's there.

If you like my music or are simply bored, please feel free to leave me a review or send me a PM. It will really be appreciated.