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Hacsev Jazz Hacsev Jazz

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That bass... so groovy... argh. The drums sound really genuine to be honest. I think you got the trippy feeling of jazz down with this. Some of the bg synths sorta sound bland, but I CANNOT get over that awesome basssssss. Kudos!

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Hacsev responds:

Wow! Glad you liked it dude!

Tea and Crumpets Tea and Crumpets

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I smell ELO

THERE AIN'T A CLOOOUUD IN SIGHT etc. Really nostalgic sound. BUT maybe that's because I hear the Inferno! Ahhh that preset :[ Other than that though melodics are great and so is composition.

Spooks Spooks

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The mood

Is great, ahh. Really. The piano and plucks at the beginning are a bit dry but I like the pads and chords a lot. It would suit well for a movie. Cheers.

freshyjazz responds:

Thanks a lot! I tried to build by being dry at the start and amping up the mood soon after.

Subtractive Anxiety Subtractive Anxiety

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not gonna lie

Loveeeeee the bass! It's so quirky! The melodics... I know they're not the usual, and that's probably what I like about this. =D Kudos

zcult responds:

I'm glad you like especially since this is the core of my style, I'm almost ashamed to say.

DbX - Black Sky DbX - Black Sky

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hiya :P

I love the intro. I have a thing for filter automations in intros, and I really like the pad there. The drumwork is pretty rad. The piano carries a good melody! What VST do you have for that, by the way? Bright verb and delay can make a piano sound grand. (No pun intended) Melodic reese XD That's nice; much like RAM's stuff. Tempo slowdown here.. pretty cool sound in the break. I think the bells sound a bit dry.. Oh, nice way to end it too; there are a lot of people that don't like fade endings but I don't see a problem with them. Ciao -^^-

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Shamukh responds:

:D a review!

haha, about the faded ending, I'm pretty sure most people don't like it when the tune fades out while it's at its climax; no breakdown or anything, just fades out.

For the piano I used a preset from Nexus, haha. I can't name it because I'm not at my computer. :( and about the reese, I spent a while making that :D <3 3xOSC. I also agree about the bell sound too, it sucks :(

thanks for the review SYNIUS. ;D <3

Karco - Beginnings(Incomplete) Karco - Beginnings(Incomplete)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I totally agree with APPS about overrated unprofessional songs getting the attention, instead of the ones that really are good and don't get any. This is one of those said good ones. The only thing I can say thus far is that I think the bass could use another layer, at least in the intro so far because there isn't so much of a groovy bass sense going on, if you catch my drift X.X The pads are damn pretty... :D The blips seem fine too. If I was listening on monitors I might be able to give you more specific critique but from what I'm hearing now things sound pretty fine EQ-wise. The song seems to get muddy upon the entrance of the snare at 2:20, I guess because the snare takes up a lot of the leads freqs. 2:57 is cool with the breakdown-within-breakdown thing. Nice sidechain there too. Some pretty cool chords, but nothing I haven't heard so far in the song, until that lead at 3:56, which is damn cool. It's carrying such a good melody too! Aha, I can tell this song is going to leave me hanging, Nooooo! The melodic climax at the end is cool but I feel like you can do something different with the leads/chord progression; maybe you haven't gotten that far yet. Anyway, sorry for the long review; I tend to leave those. This is a great track and this is the kind of stuff I want NG to have more of! ^.^

Karco responds:

There are overrated unprofessional songs that get the attention, but it's not that big of a problem, often the better ones make it up there - Pulstate's songs were on the All-Time Best last week and this week, for example, and xKore's song View made Weekly 5th this week. It's timing and luck mostly. ;)

I've never really tried layering bass synths, mostly because of the mess in the mix (which is a mess already in my opinion) it would cause if I did it wrong. I could have, I guess, possibly with a less bassy synth to make mixing easier.

I don't mind the long review, I actually prefer it to, say, a completely useless one-liner with a ten out of ten rating. ;D Thanks, and glad you liked it.

-Serenity 2.0- -Serenity 2.0-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Not bad at all for just starting out! You have some good chord ideas in here. I won't be harsh with production critique because I understand that is something that grows with experience. I agree with the previous reviewer that a beat (even a slow one) would make it sound more complete, but it's okay. Good luck in the future! :D

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nameless11 responds:

Thanks for the review i cant even believe my songs are gettting any listens much less reviews. I see what you mean i may make yet another version of this song in the future but it all depends ive been playing around with some ideas but no songs yet. feel free to check out my other songs, and thanks again.

DbX - Bu Xing DbX - Bu Xing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good job

Creative stuff all around! Time signature, theme and instruments used, pretty much everything. The lack of bass in the intro actually, I noticed, adds to the environment of the track. You know, I don't really follow the "rules" when it comes to music either, people can say you know, you "must have" this or that, but when it comes down to it it's best to use just whatever sounds good. =) Anyway, good bell melody and pizzi strings... sounds like a really complex fusion of elements in this song. Amen break is pretty sweet at the end. The whole song has kind-of the same feel throughout, you know, little variation melodically, which is neutral. Good work on this man, I love seeing improvement :3

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Shamukh responds:

Haha, coming up with melodies in 9/4 is a biiiiitch. :(

Thanks a lot for reviewing arc! <3

Karco - Contrast Karco - Contrast

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Yes! Very nice. Introduction is great, really, nothing more to say. Variations here and there are nice. There's massive Reverb on this song, wow. Sometimes reverb can stack up and create "leftover" frequencies in transitions that are undesirable. The ascending blips sort-of repeat throughout the whole song, even during the breakdown, which I'm sure was intentional, but it becomes a teensy bit annoying after a bit. The synth at 2:49 in the breakdown has much much too much reverb! xD Sounds like you added some predelay to it... hmm... When the melody finally comes in during the 5th minute, it's fantastic, really, I would kind-of broaden the synth there a little bit because it sounds a little thin (which, I have problems with too.) Outro is good, nice and trance-like. Blips still going though. =P This was a nice refreshing listen to hear at NG, good job. :3

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Karco responds:

Yep, I liked the introduction too - I made a looping version for someone who wanted to use this song in a flash game (which is on NG right now), and it accidentally (don't know how that happened) had a better intro than this original version. XD

There definitely was a lot of reverb in this song, I didn't think it was that bad, but I can see where you're coming from. ;) Same goes for what you call the ascending blips, which are basically a high-pitched sine wave synth. And for the synth at 2:49, which had a weird reverb - it would be strong for a split second, and then fades out, fast. :P

I thought the lead synth was fine, I can see why you would want to "broaden" it, but as is, I think it fits the song perfectly. ;) Oh well. And I liked the outro too. :D

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! :D

Brambles {RMX} Brambles {RMX}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lol I tried this once

My mix sucked compared to this. =P You nail everything spot on, especially the chords man, that takes massive ear skill. The delay effects were great, and the brassy synth sounds just like the one from the game. Many kudos for mixing one of my all-time favorite songs! ^_^

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CrimzonWolf777 responds:

this was one of the easiest DKC2 songs so i had ta do it. and yeah it takes alotta ear skill to do any kinda remix from scratch...and yes every remix i've ever made was from midis or samples. oh and if you havent, you should check out the aquatic ambience remix from DKC1. that was one of my best remixes. ^_^v